Welcome to the Madison Vendor Network

When you become a Madison vendor, you partner with an industry leader that is dedicated to adopting the latest technology to increase efficiency and sustainability. To that end, we’re now partnering with RealPage to provide a seamless vendor set up.

Whether you are a long term Madison vendor or a new partner, we request that you complete a 2 step process.  It begins with Compliance Depot, which will provide you with all the information needed to meet our insurance requirements.

As a vendor, your reputation is the lifeblood of your business. By credentialing through Compliance Depot, you can achieve “approved vendor” status at major companies that you may or may not currently do business with. In addition, you can save time and money by outsourcing operational matters, including:

  • Management of insurance certificates, reducing vendor operating costs and exposure to liability.

  • Alerts of any criminal activity of previously screened employees.

  • Management of you and your companies public data information.

Benefits of Vendor Compliance
Provides a level playing field for all vendors in that each will be required to furnish a certificate of insurance, proper licenses (when required) and criminal backgrounds on those providing services on a property. Vendors will no longer have to bid against other vendors that do not have insurance, licenses or criminal background checks in place.

Location Managers will have access to the Compliance Depot website that maintains a database of background check information on participating vendor members and determine whether the vendor’s employees/subcontractors have passed a background check.

The Compliance Depot website provides vendors access 24/7 to the status of the screening process, as well as information needed to meet the screening criteria of our clients.

The 2nd step is to join Ops Technology, which will open your business up to online orders from our 70+ communities.  It also will allow you to send us all your invoices electronically, providing you with greater sustainability and efficiency in billing.

What is OpsTechnology?

OpsTechnology is an online procurement software used by property management companies and supplier to facilitate the order/invoice process. OpsTechnology offers suppliers a cost effective way to access thousands of apartment communities, along with an efficient way to conduct business with qualified buyers. Electronic invoicing eliminated printing of paper invoices, postage costs, and time spent correcting errors and tracking down missing payments.

You save money and get paid faster

Why should I become an OpsTechnology supplier?

How OpsTechnology can help you save

  • Save money, instantly invoicing all of your OpsTechnology customers online, stop sending invoices by mail, filing and storing invoices, correcting invoicing errors and following up on late payments.
  • All invoices have guaranteed delivery via the OpsTechnology application.
  • The invoice processing time is reduced by providing an invoice that in most cases requires one click approval by the property staff or approving associate. Your invoice will quickly route through the management companies system for approval and processing

OpsTechnology’s system can be accessed 24/7, with no new IT costs

  • All suppliers need to utilize OpsTechnology is a PC and Internet Explorer. There is no software or hardware to buy or maintain.
  • Suppliers can access and modify data from any Internet connection, on any day of the year and at any time.


1. Pay an annual fee directly to Compliance Depot.  – To enroll phone (888)493-6938 – option 5.  Annual fees for on-site vendors are $99.  Off-site vendors are $80 per year.

2. Submit a current W-9 form.  Log in online or download the form here. Fill in the required information email documents@compliancedepot.com or fax back to (877)665-8910.

3. Sign a vendor agreement.  Log into your vendor account.  The Vendor Requirements Acknowledgement & Agreement is available online to sign.   You may also download the form online and email it to documents@compliancedepot.com or fax back to (877)665-8910.

4. Pass a company and principal owner background check. Background checks include: criminal, government watch lists, sex offender, bankruptcies and liens and judgements. Information on principal owner will be collected over the phone at the time of enrollment for screening of public records.  This is an automatic service and does not require a signed release. Please have information such as full legal name (including middle name and maiden name if applicable) and full birth date including the year.  Social security numbers are not required for this search. Public data records are available through LexisNexis/Accurint.

5. Have adequate insurance coverage depending on your industry code. Review the list of industry codes provided.  Choose the proper industry for your business.  Call Compliance Depot at (888)493-6938 – option 5.  Provide your industry code and we will send you a sample certificate of insurance to review the amounts of insurance coverage needed*.

* It is not required to enroll/make payment in order to receive this sample certificate.  We encourage you to review these insurance requirements BEFORE paying your enrollment fee.


6. Have the correct additional insured language** on your certificate of insurance.  The sample certificate mentioned above can be forwarded to your insurance agent**for exact wording.

OpsTechnology is a purchasing and electronic invoice processing platform. Electronic invoicing prevents invoices from getting lost in the mail and gets payments to the vendor much faster. There are two types of electronic vendors in OpsTechnology – Electronic Invoicing and Managed Catalog.

Decide which option works best for your company.


ManagedCatalog ElectronicInvoice
Catalog of products/services hosted on Ops checkmarkteal
Electronic orders are sent from Buyer to Merchant checkmarkteal
Electronic invoices are sent from Merchant to Buyer checkmarkteal checkmarkteal
Category types that are a great fit
  • MRO supplies
  • Paint supplies
  • Painting services
  • Flooring
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Appliance sales
  • Pest control services
  • Landscaping services
  • Construction services
  • Marketing products
  • Appliance parts
  • Appliance repairs
  • Electrical services
  • HVAC services
  • Apartment locators
Credit Card required at registration – registration fees charged to credit card checkmarkteal checkmarkteal
Supplier billed by Credit Card checkmarkteal
Select the link to complete registration registernowteal registernowteal



Managed Catalog Electronic Invoice Training Document Training Video
Account provisioning Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document Link to video
Confirming an online order Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document Link to video
Creating an invoice from an online order Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document Link to video
Creating an electronic invoice Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document Link to video
Creating a catalog Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document Link to video
New customer invitations Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to video
Creating a credit memo Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document Link to video
Invoicing options Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document
Updating account information in OpsMerchant Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document
Quick step guide Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375 Link to document

Q: Who can I contact with questions or for support?

Compliance Depot Support

Toll Free: 888.493.6938 – option 5
Fax: 877.665.8910
Email: customerservice@compliancedepot.com

OpsTechnology Support

Email: servicerequests@opstechnology.com
Toll Free: 800-704-0154 option 7
Catalogs Email: catalogs@opstechnology.com



 Q: Why should I credential my vendors and/or potential business partners?

A: More than ever before, business leaders need to know who their business “partners” are. Developing a relationship with an unscrupulous ethically challenged or criminally motivated product provider, contractor or vendor could have serious ramifications to a company’s public image and financial stability. To meet these challenges, Compliance Depot can provide a comprehensive vendor screening program to assist clients in all industries.

 Q: As a vendor why should I agree to be credentialed?

A: As a vendor, your reputation is the lifeblood of your business. By credentialing through Compliance Depot, you can achieve “approved vendor” status at major companies that you may or may not currently do business with. In addition, you can save time and money by outsourcing operational matters, including:

  • Management of insurance certificates, reducing vendor operating costs and exposure to liability.
  • Alerts of any criminal activity of previously screened employees.
  • Management of you and your companies public data information.

Q: What are the costs associated with Compliance Depot’s Services?

A: The costs associated with the credentialing process are determined by the services requested by the Compliance Depot client.

Q: What is Due Diligence?
A: Due diligence is a vital intelligence discipline and has become an indispensable tool that enables corporate decision-makers and their legal advisors to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Investigative due diligence explores issues and pursues lines of inquiry well beyond the information found in ledger books and contract clauses. Legal, financial, and business decision-makers responsible for strategic transactions and business relationships increasingly rely on investigative due diligence in their evaluation of pending business investments, acquisitions, joint ventures, board appointments, customer relationships, and executive hires.


Q: Are there fees for using Ops?

A: Yes, suppliers are charges fees for using the OpsTechnology software.  OpsTechnology charges a small fee per invoice based on the invoice package selected during registration.   The fees overtime will be significantly outweighed by the process savings that suppliers realize.

Q: Will I need a new invoice package for each customer?

A: No, your invoice package can be shared with all properties and property management companies

Q: Will I be charged monthly?

A: Electronic Invoice Suppliers are only charged each time the number of available invoices reaches the minimum balance for the invoice package selected

Managed Catalog Suppliers are billed monthly based on the transactions completed during the monthly billing period

Q: Will my invoices expire?

A: No, the invoices remain with your OpsMerchant account as long as you are a part of the OpsTechnology supplier network.

Q: Who will send my payments and what are my payment options?

A: OpsTechnology is not involved in the actual payment of your invoices.  The application facilitates the invoice process to the point in which it is exported to the property management companies accounting system.  The property management company will process the payment of the invoice.  Please contact the property management company regarding payment delivery options.

Q: I already have a OpsMerchant account, how can I add an additional management company to my Ops account?

A: To register for a new property management company using your current OpsTechnology account, you can:

  • Login to your OpsMerchant account
  • Go to Account & Settings
  • Key the invitation code into the Invitation Acceptance area
  • Complete the online registration process

Q:I am registered, now what do I do?

A: The next step will be for the property management company to send new account requests to your OpsMerchant account.  The requests will be displayed in the Messages section of your OpsMerchant account.

  • Select new account
  • Key in your account numbers
  • Save

Q: Where do I find my account number to set up the properties?

A: The account number used should be your accounting systems unique identifier for the property.  If you do not use account numbers, the property name can be unique.  Please note that each property should have a unique name or number assigned.

Q: What is a WTN number and where do I find it?

A: A WTN number is a Work Tracking Number; this is often referred to as a PO (purchase order) number.  If you are receiving orders in your OpsTechnology account, the WTN number will be displayed on your order.  If you are an electronic invoice supplier, the WTN number should be provided to you by the property.

Q: I made a mistake on an invoice, how can I correct or void it?

A: Invoices can’t be voided in OpsMerchant.  Please process a credit memo to correct the invoice if a mistake is made.   See the how to create a credit memo document in the training section for details on how to issue a credit memo.

Q: How can I tell if my invoice has been paid?

A: Payment information (check number, date, and amount) will be sent back to OpsTechnology after the payment is processed.  This information can be found on your invoice in OpsMerchant.

  • Go to Invoices
  • Select the invoice
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view payment details

Please note that this information is not provided by OpsTechnology

Q: My company information has changed, how can I update it?

A: Please see the update account information in OpsMerchant document located in the training section.

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